Employee Ethics Violations Reporting System

To facilitate the process of your reported case in a timely manner, please provide your contact details as indicated below for case verification carried out by the investigation unit.
Proceeding report of corruption case must be conducted under the principle of justice and fairness, and verifying the case conscientiously. Please treat the report with the utmost seriousness. 。 Meanwhile, reveal your identity information will help AUO to expedite the case investigation. AUO will process the case according to Personal Information Protection Act and hence hold your given data secure and confidential at all times.
In connection of enforcement of Personal Information Protection Act, please enter your personal information, and agree that AUO can make use of your personal data in conformity with of Personal Information Protection Act within the scope of business management, execution...etc, you agree that AUO can collect, process, and use your personal information. You also agree that AUO can verify your identity based on personal information you provided, and make contact with you to reply your questions and provide related service.