Employee Ethics Violations Reporting System

Suppliers is AUO’s valuable partners. Through a more solid cooperation and closer partnership, we together pursuit of  sustainable operation and development. For this, we provide some systems to reinforce the efficiency of communication and to ensure the transparence of information.

Employee Ethics Violations Reporting System

Business conduct between AUO and suppliers shall be compliant with applicable laws, regulations, rules and business ethics. If you are aware of anything in connection with AUO‘s procurement team which could be illegal or violations of integrity policy, please report to us directly. If the alleged report is proven true, we will take appropriate and serious actions against the personnel involved in the reported matter. Information and identity of the company reporting the matter will be kept confidential.

Welcome all suppliers to use this reporting system, we will have a commissioner to contact you.


  • Employees and his/her family members receive cash, gift or other items with value for more than NT$1,000.
  • Employees receive commission or any other illegal benefits from vendors.
  • Except for meals, employees receive any free-of-charge trips from vendors.
  • By using their own position, employees introduce or cause vendors to hire his/her family members.
  • By using their own position, employees accept bribery and conduct activities to benefit vendors.
  • By using their own position, employees have loan or investment relationship which is not through public market with vendors.
  • Employees ask vendors to provide any services not related to procurement.
  • Employees do not comply with AUO's policy for fairly conducting AUO's procurement.

Through a more solid cooperation and closer partnership, We look forward to overcome more challenges. Together we thrive with our supplier partners and find a way that satisfied both parties.

Notice of report

  • We will not disclose your personal information to any organization unless we have your consent or are required by law.
  • You must understanding, in case of proven slander and libel , or false statement, you shall bear legal responsibility.
  • AUO has the right to process your personal information(including name, telephone number, email address ) and the report that you provided to AUO’s subsidiaries for investigation purpose.
  • Please provide detailed information and any related convincing evidence.
  • Disclosure to third party of contacting record or information related with AUO during investigation is strictly prohibited, nor employing them as reference information in any forms of legal process.

I acknowledge, understand, and agree the terms and conditions in this agreement